Gum Swelling 101

Swollen gums may seem like a mild symptom of a dental issue, but they may be a significant sign of a larger problem. Gum swelling is often a sign of improper dental care or a mild reaction to a change in dental products or medications. It is important to schedule a dental check-up in Lake Stevens, WA, to determine the direct cause of gum swelling before it becomes a more serious issue. Read on to learn about the potential causes and treatments of swollen gums. swollen - gums

The Symptoms

The most common symptom of swollen gums is an enlarged or puffy appearance. Swollen gums will also appear red and inflamed. They may feel sensitive or painful to the touch, especially while you are brushing, flossing, and eating. Swollen gums may also bleed during brushing or flossing.

The Causes

There are a few potential reasons for gum swelling, such as changing medications, gingivitis, and poor nutrition. The most common cause of gum swelling is gingivitis, which is the mildest and only reversible level of gum disease. Other signs of gingivitis may include bleeding gums and bad breath. New medications may also have side effects that include swollen gums, and switching dental products and dental care could cause a mild reaction to a new ingredient. A vitamin C deficiency may also cause gums to swell. It is important to analyze all possible contributors that could lead to swollen gums and discuss the symptoms with a dentist.

The Treatments

Practicing daily dental care is the first step toward treating swollen gums. Flossing once a day and brushing twice a day are essential to good dental hygiene. Consider improving your diet with extra fruits and vegetables. Avoid caffeinated and acidic beverages, because these may be eating away at the tooth enamel and causing inflammation to the surrounding gums. Refrain from using any alcoholic and tobacco products, because these will exacerbate swollen gums. If gum swelling continues after making these improvements, then make an appointment with a dentist to determine the causes and treat the gum swelling.

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