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Dental Treatment at All Smiles Dentistry in Lake Stevens, WA

If you don’t visit a dentist regularly for professional dental exams, teeth cleanings, and dental treatments near Lake Stevens, WA, your oral health may be at risk. Your dentist can detect early warning signs of serious oral health problems, including tooth decay, dental cavities, tooth damage, gingivitis, gum disease, and oral cancer. Here are some of the reasons why visiting your dental office every six months is so important.

woman getting her teeth examined

Prevent Plaque and Tartar Buildup

Even if you brush your teeth regularly, you can still develop plaque and tartar buildup if you don’t visit a dentist. A dentist will perform thorough teeth cleaning that will remove plaque and tartar from your teeth. Plaque and tartar harbor dangerous bacteria that can cause gingivitis and advanced periodontitis. They can also eat away at your tooth enamel, causing tooth decay and dental cavities. Once tartar develops on your teeth, it cannot be removed by just brushing your teeth. A dentist will have to use special teeth cleaning tools to remove the tartar.

Detect Early Warning Signs of Oral Health Problems

Your dentist will perform an oral examination during every visit to determine if you have signs of any oral health problems. He will take dental x-rays to check for signs of teeth and jaw problems, from dental cavities to dental malocclusion and jawbone deterioration. He can also perform a thorough oral cancer screening, which is crucial to ensuring that you get swift and effective cancer treatment. If your dentist detects signs of oral health problems early, the dental treatments that you receive are more likely to be effective.

Receive Recommendations for At-Home Dental Treatments and Dental Care

In addition to teeth cleanings and exams, your dentist will also recommend effective methods of at-home dental care and necessary dental treatments. He can demonstrate the proper way to brush and floss, and recommend certain products that can fight cavities, tooth decay, plaque, tartar, bacteria, bad breath, and gum disease. These at-home dental treatments will further reduce your risk of oral health problems.