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A dentist near Lake Stevens, WA, generally recommends a root canal in cases of severe tooth decay. If decay is diagnosed early, your dentist can usually save your tooth.

As your dentist will explain, root canals are required when the inner tooth pulp is affected by decay or infection. A root canal removes this infected tooth tissue. Your dentist will also clean the inside of the tooth, eliminating any bacteria. Finally, the empty space is filled, so your tooth’s appearance and function can be restored. If not treated by a dental clinic, infected tooth tissue will continue to worsen. You will experience severe tooth and gum pain, and will eventually lose the tooth. Even more concerning, the infection can spread throughout your body and enter your bloodstream, putting your overall health at serious risk. A root canal is preferred to tooth extraction because it allows you to maintain your natural healthy tooth structure. Depending on the extent of damage to your tooth, your dentist may use a tooth filling or dental crown to restore your smile. Today, a root canal treatment is just as common and comfortable as filling a cavity.

X-Ray of a Root Canal Describing the Necessity of Root Canal