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You have probably heard about fluoride, but you may not know exactly what it does to keep your teeth healthy. Fluoride is an essential cornerstone of healthy dental care in Lake Stevens, WA. It is a compound of the fluorine element, often combined with a sodium ion. By using fluoridated toothpaste and mouthwash, you can visit your dentist with fewer cavities and related dental issues.

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It Re-mineralizes Your Tooth Enamel

Every day, teeth are under attack by various bacteria, sugar, and acids. The bacteria feed on all kinds of foods and drinks, but they are especially attracted to sugary foods and carbohydrates. As the bacteria feed on these unhealthy foods, they produce and release acids on the tooth enamel. These acids break down the enamel, causing it to demineralize. If the demineralization reaches a critical point, then tooth decay begins. With fluoride and other helpful nutrients found in the food you eat, the enamel is re-mineralized. This remineralization can help prevent and reverse tooth decay.

It Seals Teeth Against Decay

Often, children have their teeth sealed with a fluoride dental treatment. This strengthens and protects their baby teeth and their permanent teeth from tooth decay and cavities. This treatment is especially important for children because it helps strengthen their teeth as they are still forming. Fluoride treatments are also important in adults. Though the adult teeth have already developed, a fluoride sealant will still re-mineralize the enamel and guard against future tooth decay.

It Becomes Part of Tooth Development

Children are most in need of regular fluoride intake. This should be in the form of fluoride treatment at the dentist’s office, but also in small doses through their drinking water and fluoridated toothpaste. As children consume fluoride, the mineral will run through their bloodstream and aid in the development of their permanent teeth. Most cities add fluoride to their water for this exact purpose. If you think you or your child need to consume more fluoride, then ask your dentist about the different ways you can add fluoride to your daily life, such as with certain mouthwashes or other oral care products.