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If you’re like many people, chances are you don’t have any trouble remembering to brush your teeth twice per day. However, when it comes to flossing, it may be a different story. Dental care experts recommend that you clean in between your teeth once per day. During your next dental examination at Lake Stevens, ask your dentist about the best techniques for flossing. There is some debate over when the best time to floss is, but the bottom line is that it is more important to do it once a day—regardless of when. Flossing helps remove food particles and bacteria that can harden into plaque and tartar, which then lead to gum disease and tooth decay and the need to visit a dental office. You may notice some discomfort when you first start flossing, but that should dissipate within about a week’s time. If you feel too tired at night to floss, consider changing your routine to floss in the morning. You can floss before or after you brush your teeth—the important thing is that you floss every day for good dental care.

Flossing Techniques explained by All Smiles Dentistry