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Dear Valued Patient,

It has been said that the only sure thing in life is that nothing stays the same. In fact, change can be good for us.

There have been some recent changes in my life, which are both exciting and unsettling. My husband has accepted a promotion within his company which has taken us to the Chicago area. We were fortunate enough to have sold our home relatively quick and are currently getting settled in that area.

While I am saddened that I personally will not be providing your preventive care in the future, Dr. Jason and team here are dedicated to providing you and your families with the finest in dental care. Our newest dental hygienist Mindy is friendly, gentle and a great hygienist. I am sure you will like her. I have left many detailed notes about the care that I have provided specifically for each of my patients so that you will receive the same gentle care you and your families are used to. If there are any specific requests please let Mindy know as she will be more than happy to try to make any necessary accommodations.

I am excited to also tell you I am still working for Dr. Jason in a support role on his administrative staff virtually. I will also be continuing my career as a dental hygienist in the Chicago area once my family and I are settled.

I have enjoyed being your dental hygienist and sharing in your lives over the past nine years. I hope that our paths will cross again in the future.


Deb Willey, RDH