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If you have missing teeth, your dentist will discuss your restoration options with you. For many people, there is a clear choice—dental implants. Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth and are often preferred by patients over other forms of false teeth, like dentures. Are you considering dental implants in Lake Stevens, WA? Here are some of the advantages of using these restoration options to restore your smile.

Dental implants are rooted in your jaw using a post that acts as an artificial tooth root. As such, they fit securely and mimic your natural teeth. You can brush and floss them as normal, and you don’t have to make changes to your diet, as you do with dentures. Dental implants don’t rely on neighboring teeth, like bridges, so they don’t put any of your remaining natural teeth at risk, and because they are anchored in your jawbone, they help to prevent the bone loss that can occur with dentures.