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The next time you visit your dental office in Lake Stevens, WA, be sure to ask your dentist about fluoride treatments. Most people have heard of fluoride, but not everybody understands how important this mineral is for maintaining strong, healthy teeth. Receiving fluoride treatments from your dentist can be an important part of your oral health routine. Here are some of the ways in which receiving fluoride can benefit you.

woman with mouth mirror

Fluoride Strengthens the Enamel of Your Teeth. Fluoride is a highly common mineral that is often added to public water supplies to reduce the rate of cavities. When fluoride bonds to your teeth, it has the effect of making them stronger and harder over time. This makes it more difficult for bacteria to eat away at your enamel and hence helps to protect you from tooth decay. In addition to the fluoride most of us get in our drinking water, many of us can stand to benefit from special fluoride treatments.

Fluoride Is Especially Beneficial for Children. Receiving fluoride treatments at a dental office is particularly critical early in life when your teeth and bones are still in the process of developing. Getting fluoride from a kids’ dentist helps to ensure that your bones and teeth are as strong as possible. It also protects you from early instances of tooth decay, which can pave the way for a lifetime of good oral health.

Fluoride Can Help Adults With Existing Oral Health Problems. Even for adults, there are times when fluoride treatments can be extremely helpful. If you have areas of abfraction—wearing of enamel caused by wear and tear over time—or extreme tooth sensitivity, fluoride treatments can help to combat those problems by strengthening your enamel. By reducing your chances of tooth decay, fluoride treatments can also contribute to helping you achieve better overall oral health later in life.

How Fluoride Helps Your Teeth

Your kid’s dentist near Lake Stevens, WA may recommend that you include fluoride treatments in your child’s dental care. Fluoride is commonly used in dentistry for children because it can prevent tooth decay and dental cavities. If your child receives dental sealants and regular fluoride treatments on his visits to the dentist office, he will not develop tooth decay or dental cavities.

Watch this video to learn more about why your dentist tells you that fluoride helps your teeth. You will learn what fluoride is, and exactly how it prevents dental cavities. Fluoride should be a regular part of every child’s dental care plan to ensure that his teeth remain strong, healthy, and clean.