Signs You May Need a Filling

If you suspect you need a tooth filling, then you need to see your dentist near Lake Stevens, WA soon. Whether you have a cavity, or you have lost an existing filling, the dentist needs to clean the area and put the filling in to guard against contamination. Here are some common signs that you might need a filling.

Toothache or Sharp Pain tooth ache sign you need tooth filling

One of the clearest ways to tell you need a filling is when you experience pain in your tooth. Unless you have recently damaged the tooth, it is likely that you have developed a cavity near the location of the toothache. This may be a constant toothache that throbs and aches no matter what you do. It may also be a sharp pain that you feel when chewing or drinking something hot or cold. If this pain continues and becomes more frequent, then you should see your dentist soon.


Sometimes, people have naturally sensitive teeth. This comes from overactive tooth and gum nerves; or it can stem from receding gums that are slowly exposing the nerves. If tooth sensitivity is a new sensation, it could be indicative of worn enamel and developing cavities that need fillings—especially if sensitivity is isolated to just one area.

Dark Spot or Hole in Tooth

If you can actually spot what might be a cavity, then you should definitely see your dentist for a filling. A noticeable cavity will probably look like a dark spot or hole on your tooth. If the cavity has become very large, you may even be able to feel the hole with your tongue or finger. See your dentist right away before that filling turns into a root canal and crown procedure.

Broken or Lost Filling

Though you may not be able to tell, sometimes you can lose or break a filling. You may be able to feel or see where a filling has popped out, or you can simply feel that something is different with the tooth. Make an appointment to see your dentist, so he can replace the filling before bacteria invades the drilled cavity.

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