The Benefits of Sealants

When you take your child to see his kids’ dentist for a dental check-up in Lake Stevens, WA, sealants may be recommended. While performing the dental examination , the dentist may advise the use of sealants if your child’s teeth have deep grooves. This is because most dental decay begins in these areas, commonly referred to by dentists as pits and fissures, but can be prevented with the application of sealants.

Sealants can be thought of as a coating for teeth. They are made from a thin, plastic material and are applied to the surfaces of teeth to protect them from decay. For kids who have natural pits and fissures in their teeth, sealants offer a way to prevent bacteria from accumulating in these spots and decaying the tooth material.

While sealants are often advised for children and teenagers, adults can benefit from them as well. If your teeth suffer from decay despite regular and thorough dental care, then ask your dentist if you could benefit from dental sealants.

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