What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is quickly becoming a popular addition in dental offices around Lake Stevens, WA. It is an additional service that patients can utilize when they receive dental care, whether it is for a teeth cleaning or a dental implant procedure. Continue reading to learn more about sedation dentistry .

When patients experience severe dental anxiety or have a sensitive gag reflex, they may prefer to ask their dentist about sedation. Some patients may require multiple procedures and have busy schedules; sedation dentistry allows these patients the time and ease to have all procedures done in one appointment.

There are a few different types of sedation commonly found in dental offices. Oral sedatives, nitrous oxide, and intravenous sedation are used while treating a multitude of dental procedures. Each of these sedative types will typically calm a patient during the visit, making the patient less likely to become anxious or upset. No matter which sedative is used, patients are constantly monitored for adverse side effects throughout the procedure. Ask a dentist for more information about sedation dentistry.

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