What to Expect When You Visit Your Dentist for a Filling

Receiving a tooth filling near Lake Stevens, WA is not a difficult process. It is quick and painless, and you will no longer have a cavity once the procedure is finished. In case you have never had a cavity drilled out or received a tooth filling, here is a look at what you can expect: dental - fillings

Numbing the Area

Once you are in the dentist’s chair, he will make sure you are comfortable and understand the upcoming procedure. He will then apply different numbing methods to the inside of your mouth, near the affected tooth. Often, the numbing process is done in two steps. First, a numbing gel is applied directly to the gum tissue. After a few minutes, the dentist will then inject a small amount of anesthetic—usually lidocaine—into the gum tissue. You may feel a minor sting as the needle enters, but many patients feel nothing at all. Once your mouth is numb, it is time to remove the cavity.

Removing the Cavity

With the help of a dental technician, your dentist will drill out the cavity and surrounding tooth decay from the affected tooth. Depending on the level of decay, this process generally takes only a few minutes. You will be required to keep your mouth open the entire time, but if you ever feel pain or discomfort, raise your hand or motion for the dentist to pause the procedure. After your dentist is satisfied that all the decay has been removed, he will place the tooth filling.

Placing the Filling

Your tooth filling might be a tooth-colored composite or an amalgam filling, which is made with metal alloys. The dentist will ensure the cavity has been removed and the tooth is sterilized and free of bacteria. He will then apply the tooth filling, making sure it is secure and smoothed into the grooves of your tooth. He will ensure your bite is still correct and the filling is comfortable, and then your appointment is finished.

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