Tips for Adjusting to Your Night Guard

During your dental examination, your dentist may recommend a night guard if he or she sees any signs that you are grinding your teeth. Although night guards can be important for your oral health, adjusting to wearing one isn’t always easy. Ask for advice on wearing a night guard at your dental office in Lake Stevens, WA . These tips will also help. night - guard

Get a Custom Fit

Although you can buy night guards over the counter, you’ll find yours much more comfortable if you have your dentist make you one with a custom fit. At your dental office, your dentist can take a mold of your mouth and craft a night guard that is specifically designed to fit you, so you don’t have to deal with guards that are too big or too small or that cut into the soft tissue of your mouth. Your dental office can also demonstrate how to wear the night guard and give you tips on getting used to it, so you can have a smoother transition to sleeping while wearing it.

Ease into It

If you find that your night guard is bothering you when you go to bed, try wearing it for short periods of time during the day, so that you get used to the feel of it and breathing while it’s in your mouth. When you get ready for bed, put your night guard in last, right before you’re ready to fall asleep. If you’re ready for sleep when you put in your night guard, you’re less likely to let it keep you awake.

Keep It Clean

Make cleaning your night guard part of your dental care routine, just like brushing and flossing. Failing to do so will allow your guard to become covered in bacteria, which will cause it to have an odor that makes it unappealing to put in your mouth. Some night guards can even grow mold when not cleaned regularly. Ask your dentist for advice on the best way to care for your guard.

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