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Mouthguards & Nightguards in Lake Stevens

Clenching jaws and grinding teeth can make life very uncomfortable. Recent studies concluded that chronic jaw clenching and teeth grinding can be associated with head, neck, and back tension. Avoid feelings of discomfort and undue wear on teeth by using a night guard.

At All Smiles Dentistry, our dental professionals work with you to identify a night guard that suits your specific needs and protects your mouth for the long-term. We also provide custom-fit mouthguards to protect your teeth while you play sports. We always advocate for your health and consider ourselves your partner in preventative care. Call us today to learn more.

Special Teeth Care for Athletes

What does a mouthguard or a nightguard do?

A mouthguard and a nightguard both protect your mouth and teeth from damage but have different applications.

  • Mouthguard: Made from plastic that’s molded to your mouth, a mouthguard protects your gums and teeth from impact and injury while you play sports.
  • Nightguard: Also made from plastic, a nightguard is customized to your mouth and acts as a shield to prevent you from grinding or clenching your teeth.

Whether you need a mouthguard or a nightguard, All Smiles Dentistry will customize the mold to your mouth for precise, effective protection.

How long do dental mouthguards and nightguards last?

Both a mouthguard and a nightguard will last three to five years if you take care of, clean, and store them properly. It’s advisable to replace your mouthguard every year, however, since they become less effective at protecting your mouth as they lose thickness. In addition, how long your nightguard lasts depends on how severely you grind or clench your teeth in the night. And if you notice any cracks, chips, or fractures in your guard, it’s important to stop wearing it and get a new one as soon as possible.

Why do I need to wear a mouthguard?

Your mouth is full of sensitive tissue, and a functional mouth enables you to eat, speak, and breathe properly. That’s why it’s important to protect your mouth with a mouthguard if you play sports or a nightguard if you grind or clench your teeth. Something as simple as putting in a mouthguard can protect your teeth from getting knocked out, chipped, or cracked and your gums from lacerations, saving you pain and money in the long run—and keeping your smile looking great. And if you grind or clench your teeth, a nightguard protects you from wearing down and damaging your teeth while alleviating any related muscle tension.

Night Guard Adjusting Tips by All Smiles Dentistry

What if there is a problem with the fit of my mouthguard?

If there is a problem with the fit of your bite guard, it won’t effectively protect your mouth. A store-bought guard may not protect your mouth as effectively as a professionally fitted one. If you experience an impact, you could experience harm that could have been prevented by a proper fit. That’s why we recommend getting your mouthguard or nightguard professionally fitted and adjusted at our dental clinic. All Smiles Dentistry uses special trays to mold the plastic to your unique mouth for a secure, durable guard.

How do you clean and take care of a mouthguard?

It’s important to properly clean and store your mouthguard to prevent damage and bacteria buildup. Thankfully, mouthguards and nightguards are very low maintenance and easy to care for!

  • First, rinse your guard with warm water when you take it out of your mouth.
  • Then, gently brush your guard with a soft or medium toothbrush.
  • Let your bite guard dry completely and store it in a dry, ventilated case

That’s it! Of course, if you have any questions on the care of your mouthguard or nightguard, give our friendly team a call.

We help you protect your teeth

Whether you play sports or need to prevent grinding while you sleep at night, All Smiles Dentistry will provide custom-fit nightguards and mouthguards in Lake Stevens, WA, that protect your gums and teeth. Call our family dentist in Lake Stevens, WA, today to get started!

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