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Emergency Dental Services at All Smiles Dentistry

When you have a dental emergency, the next steps matter: Where can you get an appointment with a team of expert dentists on such short notice? If you find yourself needing emergency dental services, you’re in capable hands at All Smiles Dentistry in Lake Stevens. We offer emergency dental services in a timely fashion to limit damage to your smile – not to mention unnecessary pain – and restore your smile to its former glory.

When you need dental services because of an accident or oral injury, you can’t afford to wait. Call All Smiles Dentistry today at 425-335-1111 and let us fit you in as quickly as possible. We can usually accommodate same-day emergency dental appointments during normal business hours.

For patients who get nervous about their dental visit we offer a few Sedation Dentistry options to help you feel at ease during your visit.


Young child at dentist office

What Is Emergency Dentistry?

Emergency dentistry is a dental procedure in response to an unforeseen or non-routine dental situation. This can be something as simple as a chipped tooth or a lost filling, or more serious damage to your teeth after an accident, Even if you just have a mild toothache, it may be indicative of something larger. Elect to make an appointment with us and have it checked out before it has the potential to become serious.

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What Can an Emergency Dentist Do?

Here are a few examples of what an emergency dentist can do:

Emergency dental services primarily involve visiting your dentist due to pain or tooth damage, and your dentist carrying out diagnostic and restorative services. What this means is that a dentist inspects your mouth to find the cause of pain, and then takes steps to eliminate the problem—usually through one of the procedures mentioned above.

Is Emergency Dentistry More Expensive?

Emergency dentistry is not necessarily more expensive than standard dentistry. That is to say, you won’t pay any more based on the urgency of the procedure. With this in mind, fillings, root canals, and implants cost more than routine cleanings, so if you’re in for emergency dental services, it’s likely that these services will be more expensive than what you’d pay during a routine visit.

The good news is, dental insurance usually covers emergency procedures, and while copay and deductibles vary between dental plans, the Lake Stevens emergency dental services offered by All Smiles Dental can be very affordable.

Is Emergency Dentistry Painful?

Many people resist visiting a dentist, even in an emergency, because they assume the services they’re going to receive will be painful. This is rarely the case. Even root canals are no more than a mild discomfort, and most emergency dental procedures are less painful than the discomfort that led you to make the appointment in the first place. After we’re done, your smile will be fully restored and you’ll be pain-free in no time.

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