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I grew up in Stanwood and graduated from Lakewood High  School. I have been with my significant other Chris for 4 years. My son Austin is 25 years old. I love gardening, walking/hiking, motorcycle rides with Chris, and spending time with family. I have 2 adopted doggies, Coco and Chanel they love to hang out on my days off.

I have been working in dentistry for 18 years.  My sister and I worked for the same dentist for awhile, he was the dentist we grew up going to for our checkups. I enjoyed seeing patients with beautiful results, smiles, and overall health. I love seeing patients smile with happiness!

I have enjoyed working at All Smiles and to know each of the patients and their needs and personalities. I love helping to see them complete their treatment plans. My team is very warm and welcoming. I have lived in the community since 2002.

Favorite place visited: Maui, Leavenworth, Vegas

Favorite Movie: Grease, Footloose

Favorite Song: Love country music and 80’s/90’s

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