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I grew was raised and born in a small farming town an hour north of Sacramento. I went to dental hygiene school in Texas. My husband grew up in Snohomish but we met and got married when he was in the Marines stationed in California. After he got out of the marines he attended and graduated from UW. We have two children.  Our son just finished his first year of college and our daughter is graduating from high school this year. We have an extremely fun, loving dog named Harley. She is a Maltese-Shin Tzu.

I grew up in dentistry with my father being a dentist and both my older sisters as hygienist. So I have always felt it was an instinctive profession for me. I have been practicing dental hygiene for 24 years.

In the 24 years I’ve been a hygienist I have worked in multiple dental settings as we moved numerous times in my earlier years. I can wholeheartedly say that working at All Smiles is unquestionably the finest, most well rounded practice I’ve worked in. Our entire team works incredibly hard every day to provide the highest level of dentistry for our patients as well as maintaining an extremely happy and cohesive work environment. All of those factors make it easier for me to focus on each individual patient in helping them attain their best dental healthy.

Favorite place visited: Switzerland, Germany, and Holland

Favorite Movie:  Elf

Favorite Song: I Can Only Imagine by Mercy Me

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