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I grew up mostly in Lake Stevens and graduated from Lake Stevens High School. I have a soon to be hubby and two long haired dachshunds. My puppies are my babies right now and are very spoiled!

I took a personality test in High School that matched me up with dental. I wasn’t sure what a hygienist was but I decided to just go for it and end up loving cleaning teeth! I have been a hygienist for almost 5 years and now I am really enjoying the change with working front desk a few days a week.

I love the team here at All Smiles, such a hard working but FUN team to be a part of! It is a great atmosphere here at All Smiles and lots of laughter is very normal, definitely my type of place!

Favorite place visited: Maui- love the beach

Favorite Movie: Not a huge movie fan but I love crime shows, the real ones!

Favorite Song: I love a mixture of everything

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